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By making grants to the Lives and Livelihoods Fund, donors unlock the concessional lending resources for projects that will lessen poverty and speed social and economic development.

The largest development initiative of its kind in the Middle East

The Lives and Livelihoods Fund concessional financing helps countries access critical resources for independently driving strategic development to break the cycle of generational poverty among their citizens

Our approach
Financial opportunity

Taking blended finance to scale

Donors providing more than 10% of the Fund’s grant money in any one year join the Fund’s Impact Committee. The Impact Committee ensures projects that are funded meet the Fund’s objectives and monitors their progress.

Projects supported

Support relevant and ready-to-go projects

The Lives and Livelihoods Fund finances projects in health, agriculture, and basic infrastructure that meet three criteria: relevance, readiness, and results. Investments focus on improving access to quality primary healthcare and infectious disease control, improving staple productivity and livelihoods of small-holder farmers, and basic infrastructure projects like water and sanitation or off-grid power solutions, to provide marginalized communities the same opportunities for growth as are afforded to others.

Catalysing effective human development

A helping hand to countries taking responsibility for their own development

Once financing agreements have been signed, the Islamic Development Bank supports countries to set up in-country Project Management Units (PMUs) and, where necessary, engage implementation partners to roll-out the project and monitor progress.

Our approach
Our donors

Already teamed up with LLF

A powerful alliance with the skills and expertise to drive economic growth and raise living standards of the most vulnerable.

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The Lives and Livelihoods Fund is an opportunity for donors across the world to work together to break the cycle of generational poverty. Each dollar contributed catalyzes substantially more resources, while drawing on existing institutional networks.

Dr. Waleed Ahmad J. Addas

Head of the Lives and Livelihoods Fund Management Unit Islamic Development Bank waddas@isdb.org


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