Our approach

The largest development initiative of its kind in the Middle East.

Saving lives today and securing sustainable livelihoods for the future.

Impact through collaboration

We are able to bridge funding gaps in order to empower and enable member countries to lift people out of poverty.

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How we do it
A unique financing model

Through a unique financing model that combines grants of the regional and international donors with the lending capital of IsDB, we are able to provide concessional loans that don’t just address an immediate need but allow us to set in motion fundamental change for this generation and every generation to come

Our approach

Collaborating with member countries to ensure relevance and results

We believe the most effective way to lift people out of poverty is to empower countries to do so themselves. That is why we seek to break down the barriers that prevent individuals, organizations and governments in the lowest income countries from obtaining the resources they need to accomplish this goal.


Our impact

All projects

Total distribution of LLF financing


US$ 681 million

47% (LLF target range: 20-60%)


US$ 557 million

39% (LLF target range: 20-60%)

Basic infrastructure

US$ 204 million

14% (LLF target range: <20%)


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