Regional Rice Value Chain Development Project - The Gambia

The Gambia

The key components of the project include; raising rice production/productivity, strengthening the linkages of smallholder farmers to markets and enabling policy.

Project description



Start date



5 years from effectiveness


The Gambia



The RRVCP is an economic growth strategy for key member countries. The project aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, especially goals to End Poverty, achieve Zero Hunger and foster inclusive economic growth.

Rice is a staple food crop in all the five target countries of the RRVCP, and the project’s interventions would make the regional program contribute 10-20% of the annual rice demands of the target countries; reducing imports by at least 10%.

Impact Facts & Figures

Enabling people to lead better lives

We believe the most effective way to create an impact is to empower countries to do so themselves. We help break down the barriers that prevent individuals, organizations and governments in the lowest income countries from obtaining the resources they need to accomplish this goal.

Regional Rice Value Chain Development Project
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Rice production areas increased by 30-50%
Average farmers’ income per hectare improved by 69%coupled with greater capacity of rice growers to self-finance their activities
175,000 jobs created in seeds, paddy production and rice milling


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