Closing gaps: Community health, human resources, and nutrition


Aiming to provide access to basic social services, consistent with the Health Sector Policy and the Presidency 5-Year Program (P5P) of the IsDB.

Project description


Enhancing living standardsImproving livelihoodsPrimary healthcareHealth and hygieneNutrition

Start date



5 years from effectiveness





Through this project, the LLF aims to provide access to primary healthcare and nutrition services for targeted areas in Benin and strengthen district health information systems through surveillance and prevention of epidemics and infectious diseases in the communities. The key expected results are to recruit, train and deploy 400 medical doctors, 400 nurses and midwives, and 600 health assistants in rural areas to provide health and nutrition services to communities.

Impact Facts & Figures

Enabling people to lead better lives

We believe the most effective way to create an impact is to empower countries to do so themselves. We help break down the barriers that prevent individuals, organizations and governments in the lowest income countries from obtaining the resources they need to accomplish this goal.

Benin Fact Sheet
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Project ValueUS$ 52.8 Million
Approximately 2.5 million People will have access to the basic basket of services at the primary care level

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