Support to the Polio Eradication Initiative


The project will Support polio vaccination campaigns that ensure polio is eradicated from Pakistan

Project description


Polio eradicationHealth and hygiene

Start date



3 years (2 years for the supplementary project)





Through this project, the LLF will work towards enabling a polio-free Pakistan by reaching every child through supplementary immunization activities. Implementing high-quality nation-wide/sub-national polio campaigns to ensure the protection of all children aged under five years from polio through immunization. Whilst also training and deploying vaccinators and implementing other operational activates.

The Polio Eradication Initiative works to deliver vaccination services to ensure polio is declared eradicated, not only in Pakistan, but from the world. The Initiative in Pakistan is driven by up to 285,000 vaccinators, the largest disease surveillance network in the world, high quality data collection and analysis, state-of-the-art laboratories and some of the best health experts.

Impact Facts & Figures

Enabling people to lead better lives

We believe the most effective way to create an impact is to empower countries to do so themselves. We help break down the barriers that prevent individuals, organizations and governments in the lowest income countries from obtaining the resources they need to accomplish this goal.

Pakistan Fact Sheet
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Targeting over39 million children
The Polio Eradication Initiative in Pakistan was set up in1994The third phase of funding was approved in 2019

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